Useful Links


Channel Island Competition and Regulatory Authorities - website of the regulatory body for the Guernsey telecoms, postal and electricity sectors, which also enforces the competition legislation.

CIBO - website of the Channel Island Brussels Office, which represents the Channel Islands to EU institutions, including news and information on EU subjects.

The Guernsey Bar - website containing general information on the local Bar and the services it provides.

Guernsey Border Agency - website including information on customs and excise, and immigration and nationality services.

Guernsey Citizens Advice Bureau - website containing general information including the services offered by the CAB.

Guernsey Data Protection Commissioner - website containing information on data processing and notification requirements in the Bailiwick.

Guernsey Finance - website containing general information on the financial services industry in the Bailiwick.

Guernsey Financial Investigation Unit - website containing information on financial investigation in the Bailiwick, including how to obtain evidence from the FIU.

Guernsey Financial Services Commission - website containing information on the regulation of the finance sector in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Guernsey Income Tax Authority - website containing general information on personal and corporate taxation

Guernsey Intellectual Property Office - website containing information including on registering trademarks and designs.

Guernsey Legal Resources - Website containing full text of Laws, Ordinances, statutory instruments, Orders of the Royal Court and past issues of the Guernsey Law Journal.

Guernsey Police - website containing information on the Island Police Force

Guernsey Registry - website containing information and guidance notes on matters including Guernsey registered companies etc.

International Stock Exchange - website containing information, news and announcements regarding the local stock exchange.

Jersey and Guernsey Review - website containing past issues of the Law Review.

Royal Court - website containing information including the role of and procedures in the Royal Court

States of Guernsey - website of the government of Guernsey, including copies of Billets d'Etat and Hansard.


Chief Pleas of Sark - website of the government of Sark, including agendas and minutes of Chief Pleas proceedings.

Sark Electricity Prices Control Commissioner - website containing information on the commissioners role and responsibilities on the island of Sark.


Alderney Gambling Control Commission - website containing information on the regulation of eGambling companies in Alderney.

States of Alderney - website of the government of Alderney.