Change to Royal Assent process for Bailiwick primary legislation

His Majesty The King has approved changes to the way Royal Assent is granted for Bailiwick primary legislation (Projets de Loi), paving the way for the enactment of legislation to be expedited through the granting of Royal Assent by His Excellency the Lieutenant- Governor. 

At a meeting of the Privy Council held on 21 February 2024, an Order in Council was approved which introduces the modified process to take effect from 29 February 2024. The Order in Council was drafted by lawyers from the Law Officers' Chambers working together with lawyers from the Ministry of Justice.

The new procedure should result in faster processing of most Bailiwick Projets. There will be no change to how Projets are debated or approved by the Bailiwick parliaments, nor to the registration of legislation in the Royal Court. The change to the Royal Assent process underlines the Bailiwick's domestic legislative autonomy and developing international identity.