Careers at the Law Officers of the Crown


The Law Officers provide a wide range of legal services which requires input from lawyers and other professionals.

We have different career paths for administrative staff, executive legal assistants, paralegals, and lawyers/Advocates.

Career paths within each are in the first instance represented by movement up through the civil service grades of the post in question.

In addition, staff turnover, changes in business needs and with appropriate training, it can be possible to change roles and move between these roles. For example, paralegals may train to qualify as a solicitor - which can open up new opportunities. This is considered on a case-by-case basis and considering business needs at the time.

General information on the route to becoming a solicitor or barrister is on this page from the University of Essex.


Starting salary

The grading for each post is specified in the job description and is based upon the civil service pay scales. Taking figures from the 2024 pay scales, salary ranges start at

Administrative assistant: £33,918

Executive Legal Assistant: £45,858

Paralegal: £50,734

Lawyer: £69,754



In-house training on legal issues is available for all staff.

We often contribute to CILEX training for someone in an appropriate role who wishes to undertake it; however, we can't guarantee career progression to a role that uses that qualification as that depends on business needs and a vacancy arising.

We fund and provide study leave for a small number of lawyers to undertake training and exams to enable them to qualify as Guernsey Advocates.


Work Experience

We are pleased to take enquiries for work experience from students taking A-levels or higher qualifications. Please write in the first instance to



In addition to accepting people for general work experience in the legal sector, the Law Officers' Chambers can, from time to time, offer pupillages to those who are studying to qualify as an Advocate and who also meet the relevant academic and vocational requirements. Depending on the qualifications and experience already acquired, this would usually be on the basis of a six month contract, paid as an Executive Legal Assistant. Requests should be sent to in the first instance and will be assessed on a case by case basis. We will take account of the availability of funding, our current business needs and the skills and interests of the pupil, the aim being to provide the greatest mutual benefit to both parties.



Vacancies at the Law Officers of the Crown will be listed on the "Careers" section of the States of Guernsey website, along with details of how to apply.